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On the Go Protect

Feel safe with our On the Go Protect suite to monitor debit card activity

Our On the Go Protect monitoring suite makes you feel safe making purchases Online or In-Person with your First Bank Debit Card.  Our cutting-edge technology gives you the ability to monitor and control your debit card with features like Card Freeze and Transaction Alerts.

Card Freeze™

Card Freeze™ enhanced security for your First Bank Debit Card instantly allows you to
  • Deactivate your debit card from receiving new purchases or transactions
  • Reactivate your debit card at anytime 
  • Report your debit card as lost or stolen

The Best Part

There's no need to sign up for Card Freeze™ because your card is enrolled automatically.  Access to Card Freeze™ is available from our On the Go Mobile App or through our online banking system(1).

Card Verifi™

With Card Verifi™ Fraud Protection, feel safe using your First Bank Debit Card and bank how you want to bank. Our Card Verifi™ service monitors your account 24/7 and will notify you when potentially fraudulent activity is detected on your debit card. You can choose to receive your alerts through (SMS) text message(2), phone call, email, or all three.
  • Automatically enrolled for phone call and email alerts.  Enrollment required for (SMS) text message
  • Monitored all day, everyday
  • Multiple ways to receive alerts
  • Debit card automatically disabled to prevent fraud
  • Automatically reactivate a disabled card from your mobile device
  • Support available 24/7 

Simply text commands to us at 89549 using our short codes

  • Enroll for Card Verifi™ text notifications
  • Unsubscribe from text notifications (Telephone and email notifications will still be sent)
  • Help with Card Verifi™

The Best Part

If potentially fraudulent activity is detected, your debit card may be automatically disabled to prevent additional charges until you can confirm whether the account activity was fraudulent or not.  

Event, Item, and Balance Alerts

First Bank gives you the ability to know what's going on with your accounts whether you're at home or on the road.  Receive alerts when your debit card is used for the following:

  • Purchases over a specified amount
  • Purchases in rapid succession
  • ATM Withdrawals in rapid succession
  • Purchases out of the country
  • Gas stations out of state
  • New online transactions
  • P2P payments over $100
  • And More!
You can choose to receive your alerts through (SMS) text message(2), phone call, email, or all three. To enroll for Card Verifi™ text alerts, simply text the keyword FBPROTECT to 47334*. 

Additional Account Alerts

    • ACH Debits and Credits
    • Incoming Wires
    • Insufficient Funds
    • Specified Balances (Above or Below)
These account alerts must be configured through online banking and you can choose to receive your alerts through (SMS) text message(2), email, online banking alert or all three. 

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

If you feel your debit card has been lost or stolen, you can disable it immediately by accessing Card Freeze™ through your First Bank On The Go mobile app to prevent any potentially fraudulent debit card activity.

Don't Have the App?

You can always contact the bank to report your debit card lost or stolen during business hours at (601) 684-2231 or (800) 918-2856.  If outside of business hours, you can report your card by calling (866) 546-8273.  Your card will be permanently deactivated upon being reported.

(1) Enrollment for online and/or mobile banking required
(2) Enrollment Required