Protect Your Debit Card & PIN

Protecting Your Debit Card/Pin Number

Protect your card:

  • Sign your card immediately upon receiving it and perform an account inquiry at an ATM to activate the new card.
  • Do not lend your card to anyone unless you are comfortable with them having access to your cash.
  • Save your receipts to compare against your statements.
  • Notify the bank immediately if you notice any unauthorized or suspicious transactions.
  • Contact us immediately if your card is lost or stolen or becomes compromised in any way. Please refer to the Lost or Debit Card section of our website for instructions on how to report this.

Protect your PIN:

  • Memorize your PIN.
  • Do not write it on your card.
  • Do not give your PIN number to anyone over the phone or internet.
  • When making a purchase never let a store clerk enter your PIN number for you.
  • Remember no one needs to know your PIN number but you.