Switch Kit

No Pain. Quick Change.

You say the word, and we’ll do the work!

If you’ve ever moved your checking account to a new bank, you probably said “never again”.  Getting direct deposits and automatic payments linked to your account switched can be a hassle.  But, what if the hassle wasn’t yours?  What if all you had to do was complete a few simple forms and let First Bank handle everything else?

That’s the idea behind this Switch Kit; we want to make your switch to First Bank as easy for you as possible!

Here are some simple steps to help complete the process:

  • Reconcile (balance) your last bank statement & stop writing checks on the account.   Leave money in the old account to cover any outstanding checks & any applicable service charge.
  • Open your new First Bank checking account.  If you wish our help in filling out the Switch Forms provided, please bring a list of direct deposits & automatic payments with addresses & phone numbers or bring in your most recent statements.
  • Fill out and sign a Switch Form for each Direct Deposit and Automatic Payment that you have.
  • Sign a Request to Close Bank Account Form.  First Bank will monitor the account and mail after the Request Form after the Direct Deposit has switched to First Bank.

Bring in the checks from your old account and your first order of personal First Bank checks will be at no charge!


Ready to Switch?  Complete the First Bank Switch Kit to get started today!


At First Bank, we want to earn your business.  We value our customers, and we take pride in the quality of our products and service we offer!  Please let us know if there are others ways we can serve your financial needs!