A First Bank savings account gives you the option to earn interest over time, teach little critters about saving, or to use for overdraft protection.  Inquire today to see what a First Bank savings account can offer you.


Compare our line of Personal Savings products to find the best fit!


Regular Savings**

Build your rainy day nest egg with this account and earn interest on your funds while having access without Time Deposit withdrawal penalties. A $2 monthly fee is imposed if the balance falls below $200, and for each withdrawal over 2 a month, there is a fee of $2. ($100 to open a Regular Savings Account)

Christmas Savings**

If you like to save for Christmas to lessen the pain to your wallet in December, open a Christmas Savings and make deposits November through October. A direct deposit of your Christmas Savings funds will be made to your checking account in November for the amount saved plus interest. (Other withdrawals are not allowed.)

Little Critters Savings**

Teach minors the importance of saving through a rewards system all while earning a great rate of return. ($5 to open a Little Critters Savings Account; $25 minimum balance required to earn interest)

First Rate Money Market Account**

An account for individuals wishing to save and earn a market rate of interest on their funds, but have access to the funds. Withdrawals are made at the teller window. There is a fee of $2 for each withdrawal greater than 2 during the month. A minimum average balance of $500 is required to earn interest, if the balance falls below $500 during the month, there is a fee of $3. ($500 to open a First Rate Money Market Account)

First Asset Money Market Account**

Interest is paid on average balances of $500 or more, if the balance falls below $500 a fee of $6 is incurred. If more than three third-party checks, phone or electronic transfers are made during a statement month, there is a fee of $5 for each over that number. Other withdrawals may be made at the teller window. If more than 20 debits are made to an account during the month, there is a fee of $.20 for each over that number; if more than 20 deposit items during the month, there is a $.10 fee for each over 20. ($500 to open a First Asset Money Market Account)

**Federal regulations limit the number of checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), phone transfers or similar convenient withdrawals from these account types during a month to a total of six.

Time Deposit Accounts

Invest your idle funds in Time Deposit Accounts with maturities ranging from 14 Days to 5 (or more) years. Terms of one year or longer require as little as $500, shorter terms require $2,500 or more. The amount and term of your Time Deposit Account (TDA) determine the interest payment frequency, and we have several interest payment options available.

Safe Deposit Boxes

To help protect your important papers and valuables from fire and theft, you need a safe deposit box. All First Bank offices, except the McComb Southwest Mall, Edgewood and Express offices have safe deposit box services. Boxes are available in several different sizes. Annual rent on the boxes vary with the size. The annual rent is small compared to the peace of mind having the box will give you.


Additional fees may apply to all the above accounts.  Read the Truth-In-Savings disclosure applicable to that account type before opening the account for additional fees.  Also, you should refer to our "Important Information About Your Deposit Account - Terms and Conditions" for other information about the account.