Our Officers


James W. Covington,  Chairman of the Board & CEO John M. Shappley, President & COO
Casey Graham, Chief Financial Officer Richard C. Dodd, Senior Vice President
Stella C. Dodd, Senior Vice President Brenda Marsalis, Senior Vice President
Vickie M. Webb, Senior Vice President Michelle Brown, Vice President
Zita Gray, Vice President Jeanenne White, Vice President
Sue Huber, BSA Officer & Assistant Compliance Officer Stan Allred, EDP Officer
Jane G. Quin, Administrative Officer Becky Bass, Assistant Vice President
Tamara Gill, AVP & Assistant Security Officer  


Curtis Butler, Senior Vice President Brad Whitaker, Senior Vice President
Adam Price, Vice President Matt Root, Vice President
Trulee Torres, AVP & Branch Manager Nicole Self, Assistant Vice President
Gerolyn Smith, Branch Officer Earline Thompson, Branch Officer




Cal Hodges, Community Bank President Jonathan Taylor, Market President  
Jeremy Winborne, Senior Vice President Matt Trusty, Vice President  
Leigh Ann Martin, Vice President Amanda Prichard, AVP & Branch Manager
Leigh Davis, AVP & Branch Manager  


Chris Hester, Community Bank President Sharon Rice, Mortgage Division President
Daniel Stewart, Senior Vice President Bart Borganelli, Vice President
Andrew Johnson, Vice President Tanya Jones, AVP & Branch Manager
Reggie Collier, Business Development Officer Danelle Daughdrill, Assistant Vice President
Kay Dowdy, AVP & Mortgage Loan Officer Hailey Stewart, AVP & Branch Manager
Sam Craft, Private Banking Officer  




Kim Tynes, AVP & Branch Manager Pat Bourg, Vice President
  Linda G. Johnson, Branch Officer
  Colleen Lally, Mortgage Loan Officer
  Theresa H. McCaffery, Collections Officer




Bill Vance, Retail Banking President Beth Williamson, AVP & Branch Manager
Cheyenne Murphy, AVP & Branch Manager