A First Bank savings account gives your business the option to build net worth by accruing interest over time.  Inquire today to see what a First Bank savings account can offer your business.

First Asset Money Market Account**

First Asset is a money market savings for non-personal accounts which requires an opening balance of $500 or more. Average balances of $500.00 or more will earn interest. Interest accrues daily and is paid monthly. If the balance falls below $500.00 during the statement period, there is a $6.00 fee. For each debit over 20 during the statement period, there will be a fee of $.10 each.

**Federal regulations limit the number of checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), phone transfers or similar convenient withdrawals from these account types during a month to a total of six.

Time Deposit Accounts 

Invest your idle funds in time deposit accounts with maturities ranging from 14 days to 5 (or more) years. Terms of one year or longer require as little as $500, shorter terms require $2,500 or more. The amount and term of your time deposit account determine the interest payment frequency; we have several interest payment options available.


Additional fees may apply to all the above accounts.  Read the Truth-In-Savings disclosure applicable to that account type before opening the account for additional fees.  Also, you should refer to our "Important Information About Your Deposit Account - Terms and Conditions" for other information about the account.