ATM Safety

Use the following suggestions to help protect yourself when making an ATM transaction or purchase:

Block others view of your transaction:

  • Cover screen and/or keypad when entering PIN number.
  • If you feel you may be watched leave the ATM and go to a safe location.
  • Never let anyone assist you in entering your PIN number or give anyone your PIN number, not even a store clerk. You should guard your PIN number as you would cash.

Be Prepared:

  • If in line at the ATM, leave your car running, windows up and doors locked.
  • Have your card ready before reaching the ATM, don't wait until you get there to start digging for your card.
  • Remember the more time you spend at an ATM, especially after hours, the easier target you are for a thief.

Secure Cash:

  • After a transaction, don't visibly display your cash.
  • Immediately store away your card, cash, and receipt, wait until you are safely away to sort everything out.

Stay Alert:

  • Notice your surroundings prior to and during transactions.
  • If you notice anything unusual or anything or anyone that makes you uncomfortable leave the ATM and try another location if needed.

Check the ATM:

  • Pay attention to the actual ATM machine, if it looks to be altered or has any unusual devices attached to the card slot or keypad, do not use it and notify the bank of your findings.